10 must see in Catania-Taormina area

28 Oct 2019

Outdoor lounges

Walking through the streets of Catania and Taormina you will often see people sitting on the street chatting.

No, don’t worry: there is no earthquake, and certainly not the earthquake.

It is a Sicilian custom.

People take the chairs from home and brings them outside, in front of  their door or within walking distance , and sits down to chat.

Sicilians are like lizards, they love being outside in contact with the sun of this land.

And  love watching who passes by.

In other words, they gossip.

The Sicilian, with or without a coppola, scrutinizes everything and everyone.

He’s noesy with everything and everyone, he knows everything about everyone.

Therefore, our advice is to get  a chair out,  borrowed from where you’re staying, and adapt to the people of this island.

One of the best outdoor lounges I have ever seen in my life was right in front of the Catania municipal villa where, I remember, two men and two women chatting as they savored the irresistible arancini with ragù

Hey, It’s not that if you come to  Sicily you’re  thinking not to  taste  the arancini and granita !!!


Etna is full of ladybugs that they breed in spring, preferably on top of the volcano.

So Millions of people every year visit the highest volcano in Europe I believe for the ladybugs.

Free love

Taormina is the place of sex more than love

Here the gays, at a time when the Sicilians walked with mules and the women stayed at home jealously guarded, gave themselves to free love, as they did 2000 years before, at the time of the Siceliots (or Greeks of Sicily)..

In Taormina the Sicilian males used to go and  still go in search for the foreign woman.

Here Herbert Lawrence was betrayed by his wife Frieda and was inspired by his  autobetrayal biografy that is: the lover of Lady Chatterley.

Therefore, one of my suggestions, to savor this sort of transgressive area, is to take a walk on the internal pedestrian street that leads from Taormina to Castelmola.

Which is a bit the same as they did, often with the mule the travelers of the past.

Villa varagghi

Varagghio, in Sicilian, means yawn.

In Catania we have even dedicated a municipal villa: villa varagghi, in fact.

There the elders yawn.

But you can do it too.

Not very important is the fact that a few steps from it is the central square of the city, Piazza Duomo and the highly visited fish market, among the most suggestive of the entire Mediterranean basin.

Catania: Piazza Duomo

Not very important is the fact that a few steps from it is the central square of the city, Piazza Duomo and the highly visited fish market, among the most suggestive of the entire Mediterranean basin.

Lady Florence Trevellyan

She was an Englishwoman who, shortly before  the ‘900, traveled throughout Europe, eventually arriving in Taormina.

She fell in love and stayed for life, marrying a local doctor, the future mayor, Mr. Cacciola.

She had, blessed her, a lot of money, and bought Isola Bella .

Then she put flowers and plants and birds all over Taormina.

To observe them, it is enough to go to her garden which today is the municipal villa of Taormina.

If instead you want to imagine her in a bathing suit … well, then go to the wonderful Isola Bella.

Maria Sterrantino the woman who looks after the tomb of Florence Trevellyan (behind us)

The cannolo

Be careful, let’s not do anything stupid: the cannolo is just the ricotta one!

The others are inventions of modernity.

The cannoli is really a surprising dessert, a genius I would say, since it is really one of the most simple and darkest sweets in the world.

In fact, it consists of only two ingredients: a wafer and ricotta.

But these two elements must be perfect, otherwise the cannolo, I apologize  for my  roughness, sucks!

The wafer must be fried in lard and must be filled with ricotta, strictly Sicilian, on the moment.

At that point you can enter, without having to pay supplement both at the Greek Theater of Taormina, and at the Roman Baths of Catania and also go to bathe in the golden beach of Playa di Catania.

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