10 must see in Siracusa area

24 Mar 2019

Sicilian guide for aliens and dromedaries (we didn’t know how to name this article) who want to discover the 10 must see in Siracusa area.

The first free climbers in history

I am not a scientist nor an archaeologist nor a historian.

But I’m not a fool because of that.

I can say that I have discovered that the first practitioners of the free climbing history are the bearded inhabitants of Pantalica, who over 3000 years ago dug 5000 holes, which archaeologists call graves, on a cliff wall on the river.

According to my predictions, at least 1000 Pantalices fell below.

But in the end, the masterpiece is now visible to everyone.

It is truly astonishing how the men of the past complicated their lives with these phantasmagorical constructions.

From Pantalica there is also a path that was once traveled by train and today you can do it with legs and a bicycle.

Here is the ancient Pantalica railway, the track 9 and three quarters of Sicily.

Creepy stuff, a Harry Potter canyon.

I would do it starting from Cassaro to get to Sortino: 13 kilometers of nature.

Last tip: if you are looking for a place to hide for life, Pantalica is perfect.

Zeus or Jesus?

The cathedral of Ortigia is a great place where, if you are confused from a religious point of view, become an atheist or make a final decision.

The aisles, in fact, are divided by the columns of the ancient Greek temple of Athena!

Stuff from cartoons and sci-fi at the same time.

A marvel never seen.

In the recent past several people were seen entering and exiting looking for a cow to sacrifice for the gods.

Others instead have professed eternal love for Buddha.

And other ones have firmly convinced themselves of the existence of Jesus.

Make your choice!

P.S. I would reach the cathedral passing through the Jewish quarter, or the Giudecca, of Ortigia.

Ah, another thing: the ice cream, don’t forget to buy a tasty Sicilian ice cream.

Naked in the street

If you want to experience a true experience, like a real Syracusan, even if no one has ever seen anyone doing it, you could go running naked, around the city shouting: Eureka!

This was what Archimedes, the Syracusan genius, did when he discovered that with a lever he could lift the world.

Since he discovered it while he was bathing, the euphoria took him by surprise and he is one of the most illustrious Sicilians of all time and he found himself traveling around the city with his little weenie out.

It is said that he was sighted near the Greek Theater, which arrived running up the Eurialo Castle and then descended back to Ortigia.

So, dear travelers: you want to feel a little Archimedes.

You are welcome.

Only for writers

If you are not a writer, unfortunately, the entrance to this visit is strictly prohibited.

Unless … you say that you are a writer even if you are not a writer: don’t worry, it still counts.

We are talking about the Ciane river on whose shores, you go to understand why, it grows since antiquity, the papyrus.

Yes, the papyrus, that beautiful plant from which the ante-litteram paper was made.

Crazy stuff!

The pictures shows river Ciane with its vegetation.
River Ciane

Maupassant wrote, one of the many travelers of the past who made a stop in Sicily: “So I immediately go by boat to go to greet, the duty of a writer, the Anapo papyrus.”

What is Paradise?

This is the typical phrase that travelers say when they visit Vendicari.

Ten kilometers of beaches, catacombs, ruins of cities of the past, ruins of traps, Mediterranean vegetation and, above all, a magical world for the birds that migrate from here and come back here.

The nature that dominates man, the nature that should bring us back to the true essence of things.

Vendicari: a dream!

Lovecraft is among us

In 1693 an earthquake of violent force devastated all of eastern Sicily.

The cities were rebuilt, often on site and often in nearby areas.

Among these last, Noto that previously was where now the ruins of ancient Noto are.

It was adopted in the reconstruction, since the times were those, a baroque architecture.

The Sicilians did it their way, exasperating even more than it already was of his own, this kind of style.

This is how the Sicilian Baroque was born, the absolute masterpiece of Man’s imagination.

Among the various exaggerations and enrichments we should mention the balconies with jutting out masks that seem to interact with the underlying visitor.

Animals with human heads  and humans with animal heads.

The sculptures scream, show their teeth and spit fire …

Lovecraft lives again!