10 must see in Trapani area

02 Dec 2019

The city of love

In ancient times there was a lighthouse in the middle of the Mediterranean sea lit by a perennial fire.

It was an irresistible call for sailors.

Up there at the top, in fact, it was the most revered temple of antiquity: that of the sacred Hierodule which, to make it short, were divine prostitutes.

These handmaids of Aphrodite had their reign over what is today Erice and that since then, rightly, has been called the city of love.


In its quiet medieval alleys, and among its enchanting panoramas, men and women, once as well as today, fall in love, embrace and kiss each other.

How beautiful Erice is, dear alien and dromedary travelers.

Still you can see the well of Aphrodite, where the eternal fire illuminated the nights at sea.

Then came the turn of airplanes, millennia later.

And what do they find out?

That Erice, the city of love of ancient times, from the top has a triangular shape that exactly recalls the female organ!

A nice walk under the scorning sun of August but with the sea at two steps and the extraordinary possibility of enjoying a granita.

Sicily is the Italian region with the largest extent of protected green areas, like parks and reserves.

So if you are an avid walker you are in the right place.

The beauty of being a walker in Sicily lies in the fact that many of these nature reserves are located close to the sea.

Therefore, the clothing we recommend is very simple: jogging shoes and swimwear.

As soon as you feel the sun cooking your brain … splash, dive into the comforting waters of the Mediterranean.

For example the Zingaro and Monte Cofano are two excellent places to implement this plan.

At the end of the walk we suggest to  everyone to enjoy an excellent sicilian granita.

Mussolini, couscous and parsley

The family from my mother’s side lived for many years in Africa  since my grandfather was a consul in Lybia at the time of Mussolini.

The Duce was a famous “eater of human brains”, and he was so much that when one of my uncles, a Mussolini fanatic, became very old, he only talked about his prodigious and often invented adventures with the ferocious fascist leader.

They have been everywher,up to the Moon too!

As I said above, my mother’s side of the family lived for several years in Africa, and they used to cook frequently couscous.

And my mother cooked it very often.

Today it is found everywhere but when I was little to have the genuine flur of couscous you had to go to the markets of Palermo or Mazara.

Today in San Vito Lo Capo there is one of the most famous festivals in the world of Cous cous, in September.

Therefore is a great idea to visit the beautiful San Vito.

The couscous was brought by the Arabs who conquered Sicily in the ninth century landing at Capo Granitola, near Mazara del Vallo.

The Arabs brought prosperity to the island and much of western Sicily still had an oriental appearance.

From the parts of Capo Granitola there are the extraordinary Caves of Cusa which, to make it short, are a place where columns for temples were made.

You can still see some of them ready to be loaded.

But something had to go wrong and there must have been a stampede as the site seems to have been abandoned suddenly, while maybe the workers were enjoying a plate of cous cous!

No, it can’t be.

It still had to be imported!

These columns were used to set up the temples among which certainly those of two archaeological wonders of the area: Segesta and Selinunte.


So, this paragraph recommends a luxury poker: San Vito lo Capo, Caves of Cusa, Segesta and Selinunte

Uneven  water green  polygon on canary yellow background

If there is a place in Sicily where the paradox is reached and where the old clashes with the new, the sacred with the profane and the coppola with a crazy paiting of Malevich, that is the Belice area.

A sort of uneven water green polygon on a canary yellow background.

In this valley you can see cities destroyed by the 1968 earthquake nowaday inhabited by ghosts.

One of these town, Gibellina, has been literally buried under a concrete coffin.

Many of the new towns were rebuilt adding to them see absurd futuristic works, incomprehensible for tractor drivers.

In addition there are also endless stretches of vines and wheat.

And many sheep.

One of my favorite places!

The fuitina

Walking through Trapani, I met a lady and asked her: did you do the Fuitina ?

And how do you know ? She replied.

Well, one of the reasons is that women of a certain age have almost all eloped here in Sicily.

It was a fashion!

I met this woman in the charming Gancia, just behind the suggestive tramontana seafront, one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, a mix between a fisherman’s story, a romantic love affair and a heinous Agatha Christie crime.

Certainly, the historic center of Trapani is a pearl that cannot be lost.

Just from here depart the ferries for the Egadi islands, another pearls of Sicily.

And I will not tell you how good the cannoli of the place are!