An evening with Sicilian wine

17 Nov 2019

The harem of grapes, that is: if you are reborn as grapes, do it in Sicily

Sicily is at the center of the Mediterranean, an area characterized by a climate that makes everything grow.

If you plant money in Sicily, the euro grows, I really tell you!

But in this chapter we talk about wine.

That Bacchus be with us.

The peculiarity of Sicilian wine is that here vines of every type and color have been grafted and mixtures of every type and color have been made.

The male berries here in Sicily, therefore, are very happy, since they continuously meet with female berries and give life to new breeds.

Here the Nero d’Avola vine meets the Sirah vinegar; likewise Cabernet invites Pinot for a dinner; Nerello mascalese winks at Nerello Cappuccio, etc. etc.

Consequently: is a sort of orgy of wines of all kinds.

Here in Sicily, going to the point, you can have a wine making experience that very few other parts of the world can give you.

Order a good somellier and you’re done.

And let’s end with this story that fish should be tasted with white wine!

I say, but do you really believe that white wine is the right one with fish?

Here in Sicily it is now increasingly common to combine red wine and fish.

Once again, as always, it depends on the type of fish you eat …

Personally I would have paired a frappato with a nice slice of tuna.

In contrast with the sea bass I would go with the white.

Spaghetti marinara? I would like to drink a nice Nero d’Avola!

The bizarre adventure of the Alpini in Sicily

A few years ago, just before 2000, the Alpines arrived in Sicily wearing their characteristic feather hat.

Nice guys: a kind of club of funny drunkards and pranksters.

Let it be immediately clear: I say it in a positive sense and I find their goliardia absolutely approvable.

And so these Alpine troops, once a year, decide to hold a meeting in a part of Italy.

The Alpine troops, as the term itself says, come from the Alps, in northern Italy, where the climate is cold and in the evening people gather to drink white wine in taverns and bars.

They drink per liter and as a result then they sing together.

The white wine they drink from their parts, in northern Italy, is light, like 6-7 degrees.

As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, some years ago they decided to organize the usual annual meeting in Sicily, in the parts of Catania.

Thousands of heads with feathers invaded the city.

The funny alpine boys, as was their custom, went to the pubs of the Sicilian city to drink glasses in the late afternoon.

But alas!, they didn’t realize that here the lightest wine is at least 12-13 degrees.

They have never forgotten their Sicilian experience!

Simply simple

Mick Hucknall, the exceptional British red haired singer, chose Sicily to give vent to his passion for wine.

It has a beautiful property on Etna where the lava soil gives a wonderful variety of wine, the so-called red Etna precisely.

His bottle is called “il cantante” maybe because after drinking a bottle one starts singing for a couple of hours at a time.


Like Jim Kerr, the Scottish singer of Simple Minds who has a hotel in nearby Taormina and sometimes, they say, makes a cantata with the red Mick after drinking a couple of bottles of the “il cantante”.