Bay of San Cataldo

04 Oct 2021
Isola delle femmine (Isle of Women) view from mainland, Sicily.

Today I want to take you to the province of Palermo, right in front of an islet with a curious name: Isola delle Femmine (literally Island of Women). It has never been understood where this name comes from, but if we want to give credit to a curious legend it seems that the ruins of the tower located in the center of the islet was intended as a prison for women and exactly 13 Arab girls who lived here for seven long years. According to Pliny the Younger, however, the island was home to maiden girls who were given as a prize to the winner of the battle.

Among the most evocative places in the area is the Bay of San Cataldo, in Terrasini in the province of Palermo.

A corner of paradise overlooking the sea, used in 1314 as a landing place by the Angevin fleet.

The bay of rocks and spontaneous plants with its beach of sand and pebbles overlooks the crystalline sea.

Near the mouth of the Nocella stream, a promontory rises over the bay on which it is easy to climb through a fascinating staircase. Place of sighting during the Second World War, on the top we find a bunker, while on the beach there is a Norman church.

Seat of kilns for the production of ceramics already in the Roman-Imperial, medieval and up to the fifties, thanks to the presence of the river that provided the necessary clay.

To the east, the coast falls overhanging the sea and is full of caves, inlets and small coves. To the west, Ciammarita beach offers clear and crystalline waters with shallow and sandy bottoms.