The impossible list of the best places to visit Sicily

18 Jan 2019

It would have been easier to ask me to fly but anyway I will try to write the list of the best places to visit Sicily.

A mother’s choice

The editor gave me the task of writing this ungrateful article, not because it lacked the material, but because on the contrary there really is a lot.

The list of the best places to visit Sicily?

It’s like asking a mother: “Do you love me or my sister?”

I say that my mom surely would say my sister, but that’s a rare case…

No, I’m kidding, come on… I wrote it because it makes you laugh, and as they say “for the need of a script”.

But I’m wasting my time, I have to write about something .

The editor is on the heels… the piece is over… people want to know… the whole world is waiting!!!

Anyway, just to be sure, I’ll ask the question to my mother again.

For extraterrestrial tourists

So what could possibly intrigue an extraterrestrial who comes to Sicily?

Let’s think a little…

Eureka, as one of our Sicilian ancestors said (Archimedes for the ignorant), I found.

Being  probably green, an extraterrestrial can’t miss a nice visit by the Etnea area and enjoy a typical dish of the area: pasta with pistachio (green) of Bronte.

A Martian might also be interested in the visit of Pantalica, a magical place, where 5000 tombs are dug into the sheer rock.

And who dug them if not an extraterrestrial civilization?

Our dear E.T. , in my opinion, should also pay a visit to a Sicilian ice cream shop.

Makes a tasting (it’s on me) and then he has to tell me if  he has ever eaten an ice cream like ours.

For the tourists of the planet Earth

And there is the rub: “Mom, do you love more me or my sister?”

But then there’s the editor again and then…

Best places to visit Sicily absolutely not to be missed:

Palermo, and its historical center: a kind of a violent continuous plunge, between the very old past (before Christ), past (after Christ), Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque… all in a colorful confusion of colors, hanging cloths, alleys, scents, people, True Life, Casbah, luxury and sudden degradation.

Museums: The museums’ heritage in Sicily reaches high peaks, where archaeological finds are the absolute master.

An outdoor market: do not miss a walk in an outdoor market, among all those of Palermo, Catania and Syracuse.

The picture shows one of the best places to visit Sicily: an outdoor market. Specifically there is a vendor who sells fresh fish.
Typical Sicilian outdoor market

Fish, cannoli and granita: Taste and then call me.

Eastern Sicily and its beauties: we are talking about Etna, Taormina, Syracuse and the Baroque of this area (the most beautiful in the world).

The islands in the island: the wonderful islets around Sicily with Lampedusa above all.

The hinterland: a true hideout of traditions and landscapes.

Archaeology: The Temples and ancient cities of Sicily, the greatest power of the Mediterranean in the fifth century B.C.

Nature: Sicily is the Italian region with the greatest extent of naturalistic areas. We are in a true paradise of birds that have chosen the region as a key staging point during their migration to and from northern Europe.

Cavagrande del Cassibile (province of Syracuse)

Those little big things that make a trip a unique experience

Do you want to feel really Sicilian during your trip?

Here’s what you need to do.

Put yourself in a bench and watch people walk around, chat… in simple terms: don’t do anything, just enjoy your thoughts, don’t think about work, money…

Make the following breakfast: granita with brioche

Often say the word minchia, without being vulgar, but to interject a bit like English speakers often say You know.

Do not eat before 9pm.

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