Cavagrande natural reserve: pure beauty

26 Jan 2019

Hiding for life

In the southern part of Sicily, between Syracuse and Ragusa, there is a limestone type of stone.

This stone is very fragile and in contact with the water it melts like a cookie in a cup of milk.

If now you imagine  that in place of the milk there is a river and in place of the cookies there are the mountains of this area of Sicily, you obtain the ones that are called cave, or canyons.

The image shows the canyons and the river of Cavagrande natural reserve. There is flourishing nature and there are high rocky walls.

Magnificent, winding and lush canyons.

Inaccessible sometimes.

There are many and all rich in history and nature.

Cavagrande del Cassibile is certainly the most famous of all.

Here a man can hide for life.

And in fact, from time to time, some hermit is lost among the inaccessible shrubs of these canyons.

The world of Cavagrande del Cassibile

A long path descends from the mountain down to inside the canyon where rivers, waterfalls and water games enchant the visitor.

The walls of the canyon are another spectacle with evidence of the past such as: caves, places of worship, etc…

There, as always, nature makes its course within our souls, by denudding it, unexposing it, mocking it.

It does so with its only weapon: the power of beauty.

You cannot miss Cavagrande del Cassibile natural reserve if you come to eastern Sicily.

If you decide to become a hermit in Cavagrande natural reserve

As far as sleeping is not a problem with all those caves that open up here and there along the whole canyon.

Eating requires some skills in getting  it.

Rabbits and other animals are not lacking.

Potatoes are missing, but you can do without it.

Even the water of the river can give some edible fish or shellfish … not really good to tell the truth… however, inform yourselves before abandoning this world and hide for life.

The picture shows the river of Cavagrande natural reserve and some visitors enjoying the beauty of the place.

Let’s say that in this case the raw material is not lacking (stones and wood) but it is the case that before you train a bit at home.

Regarding as any fever or flu make sure to take a course of natural remedies, such as tubers or tails of lizards, before taking a farewell to civilization.

I have no other advice.

Well… in fact there would be something in between, let’s say a more cautious retreat: go up once every fifteen days to supply food, candles and what you need and go back to hiding in the maze of Sicilian canyons.

Each descent is an ascent  (Ogni scinnuta è un’acchianata)

This ancient Sicilian saying would be the perfect sentence to be put at the entrance of Cavagrande natural reserve.

The saying, simple to understand, warns you that during a nice walk you make on a downhill road, remember that then coming back is uphill.

So do not enjoy the fact that the road is attractively downhill.

In Cavagrande natural reserve, at the beginning of the visit, there is an interminable breathtaking descent between the slopes of the canyon, before reaching the river.

I warned you…

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