Maria Grazia: the traveler from Etna

19 Oct 2021

Here we are in Nicolosi

We went to visit the house of a Sicilian woman who lives in the village of Nicolosi, 700 meters above sea level, known throughout the world for being the gateway to Etna.

We are host of Maria Grazia, in her house, tipically built with lava stone.

The nice Sicilian showed us many collections, both Sicilians and bought in various parts of the world.

Then we had a nice visit of the house, in order to make a Sicilian home known to the whole world.

Sicilian lunch

Then, finally, it was time for lunch and Maria Grazia made us taste many local specialties, such as meat and pasta with salsa, and a series of genuine appetizers. In short, it was a beautiful day!

Find out more at our video reportage