Short break in Catania

30 Oct 2018

You have packed your bags and you’re ready for your Sicilian adventure, but what city should you choose? A short break in Catania is a must do.

Start your short break in Catania the right way

Catania is the second most important Sicilian city and it’s located in the east coast. It’s also known as the “Milano of southern Italy”. This is a town with many things to do and see, you certainly won’t get bored.

The first thing you have to do when you wake up in the morning is heading to a bar for a delicious Sicilian breakfast. Enjoy every bite and collect the energy you need in order to explore this beautiful city. Now you are ready to start your short break in Catania.

Go to Piazza Duomo (the main square) and take a picture with the liotru. Liotru is the square’s monument (an elephant made of lava rock) and it’s the symbol of Catania.

Next to Piazza Duomo there is the fish market. It’s the a mixture of smells and colours where you can find delicious products. If you are hungry take something to eat at a street food truck and enjoy the charming chaos of pescheria.

Explore the city center

Your short break in Catania has just started and there are a lot of things to do. Go to Via Etnea and have a stroll in this gorgeous street. Via Etnea is the most important street in Catania and its construction began in the 17th century.

Walk towards Mt. Etna and you will encounter Villa Bellini. But before you enter have a stop in Savia bar. In Sicily you have to eat a lot, because food is a religion here. Eat an arancino and a cannolo and move on with your short break in Catania.

Did you know Catania was also a Greek and Roman settlement? Near Piazza Stesicoro there’s the Roman Amphitheater, a gift the Romans gave to Catania.

The top of Sicily

If you come to Sicily for a short break in Catania, you have to go to Mt. Etna. It’s the highest active volcano in Europe and it’s the ideal place to visit if you want to hike or just admire the beautiful landscape form the top.

If you come here in winter you can also ski. And not only that: you can ski while watching the sea. Where can you experience something like this?

Catania is a constantly changing city and has many things to offer to every kind of traveler: culture, archaeology, good food, art, nature and… come here and find out yourself what this incredible city has to offer.

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