Sicilian breakfast: love at first sight

31 Oct 2018

How should you start your day during a Sicilian holiday? The answer is very simple: with a typical Sicilian breakfast.

Breakfast in Sicily is a ritual, and every ritual has its own rules. The first thing you need to do is going to a bar: bars are the sanctuary of this holy meal.

Be cool, granita is coming

During summer the king of Sicilian breakfast is the granita: a semi-frozen delight made of ice, sugar and fruit (or other ingredients). It is served in a glass and it’s the ideal food to fight the high temperatures of Sicilian summers.

The most common flavors are: almond, pistachio, strawberry, lemon, coffee and chocolate (but there are many more and every bar has its own specialty).

If you want to go full you have to add some cream on the top and eat the granita with a fresh brioche. Imagine you are sitting in a beach bar caressed by the sea breeze while eating a refreshing granita; what else could you desire?

No ricotta, no party

Breakfast in Sicily is not just granita, there are lots of things to taste! Raviola is one of them: a triangular-shaped pastry stuffed with ricotta. If you don’t know what ricotta is, here you are: it is a soft and fresh cheese made from milk whey.

This cheese is produced by local farmers and some of them use the same old and traditional technique. The secret ingredients of ricotta are patience, love and attention.You can find ricotta cheese in many other delicacies of Sicilian cuisine, such as cannoli.

A cannolo is a fried and crusty cylinder made of dough and filled with ricotta or chocolate. It’s one of the most popular Sicilian pastries all over the world (and not only, rumor has it there is a cannolo shop even in Mars). If you come to Sicily, you have to try it. If you don’t do that, you have 30 days to fix this big mistake (otherwise you won’t be able to return anymore here!).

Sicilian breakfast: last tips

Iris, a soft brioche pastry with a crunchy shell, is another must try and you can find it in every bar. There are two versions: with chocolate cream or with vanilla cream. If you are able to eat two of them during your Sicilian breakfast you are almost a true Siciliano, congratulations!

And of course, a real Sicilian breakfast must also include a good cappuccino or espresso.

What should you choose? If you are always in a hurry espresso is the best choice for you: a sip and you’re done. If you like to enjoy every single moment of your day (wise choice!) cappuccino is the right beverage. Take your time and enjoy every second of your meal.

These are just some of the many alternatives for a delicious breakfast in Sicily. If you want to discover them all you have to come to this beautiful island!

Last but not least, you must learn not only what to eat but also how to eat a Sicilian breakfast: take a seat in a bar, relax your body and enter the Sicilian state of mind.