Sicilian Cooking: a sea of flavours

05 Dec 2018

Sicilian cuisine is, because of its flavours and scents, worldwide renowned.

Everything taste different in Sicily as if there is a sort of magic in island food.

Here in Sicily, a simple tomatoes salade tastes more delicious than in another part of the world.

Vegetables taste different and fruit has a different colour and smell.

Sicilian cusine what a precious experience!

Sicul coqus et Sicula mensa, used to say the Romans: Sicilian the cook and Sicilian the food.

For a perfect meal.


Street food

The street food in Sicily is a masterpiece.

You can’t say “I was in Sicily” without experienced it.

The outdoor markets in Palermo are maybe the Kingdoms of the street food.

But everywhere, even in elegant coffes (here called bar) you can have it.

Besides, the Sicilian kitchen is rich in street food.

Some of them are common everywhere in Sicily as the Arancini (rice balls commonly filled with ragù).

But also: panino with panelle (chickpeas), panino ‘ca meusa (spleen), quarume (veal tripe), stigghiola (guts of loamb), sfincione (a sort of pizza) and many many other.



Italy is the land of pizza and pasta.

Sicily is the richest Italian region in grain fields in Italy and at the Roman times Sicily was called the granary of Rome.

Spaghetti were invented in Trabia, according many scholars, a municipality that lies in Palermo province.

A meal in Sicily

The Vermicelli (Itrya) were first time ever mentioned in the book of the Arab geograph Idrisi, in 1150 who, travelling around Sicily, found this food in Trabia.

Pasta I do suggest you?

Therefore, let me think for a while …

Norma (aubergines, tomato sauce, basel and ricotta salata); con le sarde (anchiovies, wild fennel); ai ricci (sea urchin); al nero di seppia; agliata (garlic, tomatoes, basel, parmigiano); al pistacchio and so on.



The Mediterranean fish can’t miss in your Sicilian diet.

Just roasted or, often, “marinato” (oil, pepper, salt , garlic, parsley and lemon) like shrimps, squads, anchiovies.

Tuna and swordfish are two of the illustrios kings of Sicilian kitchen.

And, of course, the so called “pesce azzurro” that you can find only in the Mediterranean area.

And what about the sea fruits or the octopus or …?

So, besides pasta and arancini here it is the pesce!



Sicilian meat is good enough.

Most importantly you have to experience the Salsiccia (pork), doubtless among the best one in the world.

Some tip for a meat dish?

Here it is: the aggrassato (beef cooked with onions); involtini alla Siciliana (beef or pork stuffed with breadcrumb); polpettine in foglia di limone and Others.



Who haven’t never tasted a Cannolo in his lifetime?

It’s one of the most renowned symbol of Sicily together with the carretto (cart) and the man with the lupara!

But, take care: only that one filled with ricotta is the real cannolo.

But is not only the cannolo the king of Sicilian patisserie: cassata and ice-creams claim for the leadership too!

So, when you will be in Sicily taste all of them!



Cooking classes in Sicily

Another thing to do not miss in Sicily is attending a Cooking class.

No, my dear friends, you can’t miss a Sicily cooking class!

Because you are in Sicily, therefore food and sun and sea are the essence of this land.

The cooking lesson held by the chef Silvana Recupero


There are many classes and we suggest you, of course, our Chef Silvana Recupero, the Godmother of Sicilian kitchen!

Her Cooking lessons are funny and … tasty!

You will prepare fresh pasta, cannoli, arancini …

So, dress your apron and prepare youself to live this gorgeous experience!