Sicily weather: the very highlight of the island

22 Jan 2019

Does heaven have a better weather?

Well, it’s a joke, but maybe not too much.

Sicily, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for the best food in the world, the genuine products of the earth, the beaches, the sun, the temples and kind people.

Nice cake, isn’t it?

Made even more appetizing by weather in Sicily: mild, welcoming, generous.

So the question is unavoidable: can there be a better climate in heaven?

In fact, maybe yes: I believe that the Almighty for his kingdom did not predicted the Sirocco, that hot African wind that from time to time arrives on the island.

Sirocco (scirocco) the Sicilians, playing on the homonym of the two words, call it syrup (sciroppo)!

And then immediately the race to remedy: all in the sea water!

Overview of the weather in Sicily

Let’s see the way the eagle flies to give a quick idea of how the weather in Sicily is.

Temperatures in coastal areas range from 5 to 15 Celsius degrees in Winter, from 12 to 25 in Spring and Autumn, and between 20 and over 30 in Summer.

The picture shows the typical blue sky that you can find in Sicily. Weather in Sicily is perfect for summer lovers!
Typical blue sky of Sicily

In the inland areas we can descend just of some degrees while in the mountains areas, above the 800 meters we go down even five to six degrees.

The humidity is not very annoying although in the summer it sometimes affects the coastal areas.

The rain is almost a mirage.

The wind is almost like the rain.

The snow follows the rain and the wind. We usually find it at almost 2000 meters but we are talking about uninhabited areas.

Some weather tips if you want to open a business in Sicily

From what has  been said until now it is clear that the following business activities in Sicily are absolutely to be avoided:

Umbrella shop.

Rain jackets shop.

Iron balls shop to tie them to the calves in case of strong wind.

Ski equipment shop.

Viceversa, the following activities are strongly recommended:

Ice cream shop.

Selling drinks along the beaches.

Selling air conditioners.

Bathing suits, fins and masks shop.

Outdoor lounges and fireworks

The weather in Sicily is so generous and unleashes in the Islanders a series of habits that often affect the unsuspecting traveler.

These habits, in a word, can be summarized in the following: Sicilian people live outdoor.

The Sicilians must go out and be out as much as possible.

The house is falling on them, they have to necessarily go out.

It’s in the DNA of this people.

Here is one of the characteristic situations that you might encounter walking through the streets of a Sicilian city: you could find, on the sides of the sidewalk, a small group of people sitting on chairs brought from home, which form a real outdoor living room, as they were at home, totally unaware of the cars that pass a few inches and the passerby who must bypass this improvised place of conversation to continue to walk on the sidewalk.

Another custom related to the good weather is the infinite sequence of outdoor parties, festivals, Saints in procession, macaroni in the squares etc. etc. that storm the island for almost 9 months in a row.

Firecrackers and fireworks burst here and there in the night making often fear, to unwary tourists, like if there was an outbreak of some terrible war.

But don’t worry, everything is under control: in Sicily it is always a feast!


And since the devil always puts horns on us…

…Well at this time that I am writing this article, in the peaceful and quiet town of Aci Bonaccorsi, not even 350 meters altitude. It’s raining and there is a brutal wind!

It is also true, however, that we are in January.

Stay peaceful: the Sicily of the proverbial mild climate will not betray you.

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