Splendid Sicilian Roads: SP92 or SeaSnowFire road

28 May 2021

The SP92, also known as Marenevefuoco, is the road that reaches the highest point for a vehicle on Etna (2000 meters).

It is called Marevenevefuoco because following it: you can see the sea almost the all time; in winter at altitudes above 1000 meters it is often snowy; and because from time to time it happens that the volcano arrives with its magma up to the highest altitudes (2000 meters) often destroying the roadway!

But, rest assured, in this last case you would know it weeks before!

So let’s take this beautiful Sicilian road.

We start from Nicolosi, a splendid Etna village at 600 meters above sea level. From here starts the SP92, which begins its ascent towards the highest volcano in Europe.

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