The best activities with kids in Sicily

10 Nov 2019

Pool and beaches

There is no child, boy or adult who does not love the Sicilian sea.

The beaches are beautiful and everybody likes to lie in the Sicilian sun or bath in the warm Mediterranean waters.

And how can you resist making a sand castle, or playing tambourine?

In Sicily, besides many public beaches there are private ones where it is also possible to enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Another great passion of visitors to Sicily is to rent villas with swimming pools.

They are in great demand and it is the first thing that a child, having just got out of the car, goes looking for.

Against the Sicilian hot there is nothing better than having the opportunity to enjoy the pool at any time of the day.

So, what are you waiting for?

Ask ma or pa to immediately book a villa of ours!

Ice creams

And what could be better, lying by the sea or by the pool, to taste an amazing Sicilian ice cream?

Maybe a trip to the moon!

But since this is still a too ambitious project, then here comes a pistachio or lemon or vanilla or hazelnut cone to help you …

Sicily is the home of ice cream and here it was developed for the first time ever.

Together with ice cream, the great passion of adults and children is the granita, a sort of ice cream but it is not an ice cream and with which Sicilians order breakfast or lunch, accompanied with a brioche.

You can’t say I was in Sicily if you didn’t eat granita at least once.

Three walks

Are you tireless walkers and your children as well?

Well, then here are three routes for you.

Western Sicily, a beautiful walk to the Riserva dello Zingaro, which alternates a walking path with sudden Caribbean-type beaches.

A paradise in short!

There is also a prehistoric cave and splendid views of the Gulf of Castellammare.

In eastern Sicily, on the other hand, the walk par excellence is in an Etna wood, between caves and extinct volcanoes.

There are several routes on all sides of the volcano.

And if you feel like spending the night in the forest, you can rest in one of the many shelters around the volcano.

If you are lucky, during the walk, you may come across the shy and lonely wild cat.

The advice is to finish the walk in a panoramic point above the Bove valley, from where it is possible to admire at the same time the sea and the top of Europe’s highest volcano.

A good tip? Book our Etna tour, of course: lava and food

And we conclude with Southern Sicily.

Here the color and type of stone changes compared to the lava of Etna.

Here is the limestone, white and crumbly that over the millennia has been dug by water giving rise to numerous canyons where history is mixed with nature.

You can see waterfalls and caves inhabited over millennia, rivers and prehistoric tombs.

A real paradise.

Among the most famous cave (so the canyons in Sicily are called), those of Pantalica, Cavagrande del Cassibile and Ispica.

Three amusement parks

And let’s get to the children’s favorite paragraph: playgrounds.

Therefore, there are several adventure parks throughout Sicily, and you just have to find out the closest to where you are.

So, for the future Tarzan you are spoiled for choice, rest assured.

One of the most popular places for children in Sicily (and not just children) is Etnaland, a fun water park.

Incredible slides, water attractions like the famous Kamikaze, rubber dinghies and boats, swimming pools and relaxing areas.

Fun is guaranteed!

Another major summer attraction for children is the festivals in the square.

Rest assured, wherever you are in Sicily in the summer there will always be an outdoor party or a festival near you.

And then here are balloons, candies, sandwiches and drinks, various rides, ice creams etc. and so on

In this paragraph, exceptionally, we give you a fourth tip: the Cooking Class with our chef Silvana Recupero and her staff.
Children adore cooking!

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