The Caponata

27 Sep 2021

The Caponata, is one of the favourite dishes of Sicilians, rich and tasty side dish, typical of the island’s cuisine and which brings us back, with its strong flavors, to the Arab domination (IX-XI century). The Caponata is made with eggplants, onions, capers, tomatoes, green olives, celery, pinols and basil. But the peculiarity of the dish is certainly the sweet and sour flavour (the so called Agrodolce), created by the sugar and the vinegar. A unique delight, which has its roots in poor tradition. According to some, the name seems to derive from the word “capone” (Lampuga in Italian), a typical fish of the Mediterranean Sea that was usually cooked with vegetables. The farmers, not being able to afford such an expensive dish, would have replaced fish with aubergines, much cheaper! True or not true, what we certainly recommend, if you come to Sicily, is to taste this dish.