The storyteller of Sicily: from year Zero to nowaday

25 Oct 2021

The storyteller of Sicily is coming

The Romans were replaced by the Byzantines who definitively replaced Zeus with Jesus Christ.

Then came the Arabs who brought art, innovations, gardens with water games. Over the centuries they remain imprinted in Sicilian culture under various aspects, from surnames, to cooking and to various customs.
The Arabs were followed by the Normans.

They appreciated Arab art that mixes with theirs, giving life to the Arab-Norman art that makes Palermo its capital.

Cathedrals and castles are built.

Normans were replaced by the Angevins and the Aragoneses.

In 1693 an earthquake destroyed Oriental Sicily, that took advantage of it to be reborn more beautiful than before with its Sicilian Baroque: a masterpiece of art. An example is the city of Noto, which has become the capital of the Baroque style in the world that fascinates tourists every time.
Then other people came: Spaniards, Savoyards, Austrians and Bourbons.

Finally, in 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi unifies Italy starting right from Sicily, where he defeats the enemy army.

Here is the history of Sicily and this is why we Sicilians are like the waves of a hundred different seas that meet and mix with each other, creating a single ocean!