Vendicari natural reserve

31 Oct 2018

Sea, birds, hiking trails, clean air. These are just a few things that make Vendicari natural reserve so special.

Vendicari natural reserve is located in Siracusa province (between Noto and Pachino). It’s the ideal place for nature lovers because of its uncontaminated nature. And if you’re not a nature lover no problem, you’ll start loving it as soon as you enter the natural reserve.

The old tonnara

The tonnara is a building that was used for tuna fishing purposes. There are many tonnare in Sicily and one of them is in Vendicari.

It dates back to the Arabs and it was intensively used until World War II.

The tonnara’s chief was called rais (the name comes from Arabic).

When you walk inside this amazing monument time goes back and you can hear the rais giving orders to the fishermen.

Welcome to the holy temple of Vendicari.

Birdwatching lovers: this is the right place for you

Vendicari natural reserve is a the perfect place for birdwatching activities (especially during fall and spring).

Aquatic birds come here every year from northern countries. Vendicari is not their arrival point but it’s only a stop during their long journey. Final destination: Africa.

Here you can meet and admire cranes, ducks, coots, hawks and many more species.

If you see a pink bird in the marsh that’s not an inflatable but a real flamingo!

Grab your binoculars, start observing the birds and do a birdwatching challenge with your friends.

Hiking in Vendicari natural reserve

If you come here one thing is sure: you love hiking. If hiking is not your favorite thing to do maybe a city break is a better choice.

There are several trails and each one has something different to offer.

Wear comfortable shoes and start walking: you will admire the beauties of Vendicari.

You will see Cittadella Maccari (an ancient Byzantine village), the Tonnara and beautiful beaches. Speaking of beaches, did you know that in Vendicari there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily?

End the day in the best way

Now you know all the secrets of Vendicari natural reserve and you are ready to have an unforgettable experience in this picturesque place.

At the end of the day, when your little adventure is over, move to Marzamemi and have a nice dinner. And don’t forget to drink a glass of Sicilian wine, you deserved it!