Villas in Sicily: the smartest solution

21 Oct 2019

Are you ready to book your holidays?

Are you hungry of summer, food, sun and culture?

Do you think is not possible to enjoy all these highlights in the same place?


Welcome to Sicily!

The land where you can find all the above mentioned things .

Not only: many gorgeous Sicily villas are waiting for you.

Villa with pool in front Isola bella (Taormina)

Why a villa

Uhmmm let me think.

There are many reasons to choose a villa, better if suited with pool.

I tell you:

1 Your kids will be happy.

2 You are in Sicily therefore we suggest you to live outside as more as you can: a villa entirely for you is the perfect solution.

3 A BBQ by the pool area has not rivals.

What kind of stone you prefer your villa is built with?

No, I’m not joking.

Colours are one of the great feautures of the island.

The sky and the landscape change continuosly in the biggest Mediterranean sea island, depends where you are.

And so, also the villas in Sicily change its aspect, because of the stone.

So, if you are in Etna area here it is the black lava stone; in Siracusa and Ragusa area here it is the white limestone; in Palermo and Trapani area we’ll find the sandstone that has many colours as tan, brown, yellow, red, grey etc etc

Pool and sea

Villa – Sicily – Pool: three masterpieces of the Sicilian vacation.

But also the sea is a great highlights in the region so, better if your stay is not to far from the sea.

Unless you are housed in the inland, sea generally is not too far so you can reach it easily whnever you are in Sicily.

Of course, would be great to rent a villa overlloking the Mediterranean sea: but it will be also very expensive!

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