Villas in Taormina: immersed in the beauty

15 Jan 2019

Do you love the sea, excellent food, culture and nature? Villas in Taormina are an excellent choice!

La scala dei Greci (The scale of the Greeks)

When, in the eighth century B.C., the Greeks arrived with their ships in Naxos, they founded a colony whose ruins can still be visited.

The locals that lived in those parts ran away to the inland, but some women were a prey to the Hellenics and so they became mothers of children who were, consequently, half Greek and half Sicilian.

To this new breed historians gave the name of Sicelioti that in a short time became the greatest power of the Mediterranean, to tell the truth, more Sicilian blood than Greek, because the mother is always the mother and because they lived in this island.

But lets go back to the first Sicelioti, those of Naxos precisely.

They lived in a beautiful place then as now.

Naxos is just spread over the sea and above it you could see two cocuzzoli (mountaintop) that the Sicelioti inhabited. The first mountaintop is today Taormina, the second is today Castelmola.

In fact, there is also another Cocuzzolo in this wonderful natural staircase. Monte Veneretta, the highest of all, that seen from far away seems like the piripicchio (the top part of the mountain) of a brioche!

The Claw of Zeus

In Taormina everything is perfect: it is beautiful and here there is the best place in Sicily to admire the view of  Mount Etna. The water of the sea is clear, there is a Greek theatre that is perhaps the most suggestive in the world.

It has always been, since the age of the eighteenth century journeys, destination of all travelers. You constantly breathe a sophisticated air and of vacation.

And we could go on for a while…

It seems that Zeus blessed this land that initiated the great epic of the Greek people in the Mediterranean.

Taormina lived in a very important way the famous three religions that alternated in Sicily.

It was, in fact, a flourishing Arab city and the architecture of many buildings combined with the sinuosity of its urbanism, is proof of it.

Muhammad was the owner in the tenth century to be overthrown the century after by Jesus Christ and the Normans.

In other words, everyone in Taormina falls in love.

A nearby contrada is called the Francisa, because in the past several foreigners bought land and built. With the term French were intended all the foreigners.

The cannoli and the ice cream

A walk through Corso Umberto in Taormina is a magical experience, including shops, restaurants, alleys, breathtaking views and…  followed by cannoli and ice cream.

So, let’s just point out that the real cannoli, the original one, is with ricotta.

But if you really want to try a Sicilian flavor then I recommend the following flavors: almond, pistachio, lemon, nougat.

By the way, how not to remember the notorius granita (smoothie) for which everyone becomes crazy!

So,  if you want to live an experience that only in Sicily you can live: breakfast with brioche and granita.

And you can say that you were in Sicily!

A luxurious vacation?

Are you searching for luxury villas in Taormina?

Good idea, indeed excellent.

Villas in Taormina are the place of luxury, the place of “getaway”, the awakening of the senses.

And also good fish to taste, for example, in one of the most beautiful scenery in the world: Isola Bella!

Photo of one of the villas in Taormina in front of Isolabella.
Villa with pool in front of Isola Bella (Taormina)

Its beauty is so amazing that the wealthy traveller Lady Florence Trevellian, cousin of the King of England, chose it as a resort and also where to grow tropical plants.

First, however, she married another wealthy gentlemen of the place, the  mayor of Taormina, Doctor Cacciola.

And together they settled in the center of the town where today we see the beautiful town villa, once the garden of the villa of this explosive couple!

But we return to Isola Bella, an island attached to the mainland by a strip of sand, where bathers delight and eat on a terrace overlooking the sea that will remain an indelible memory of your stay in Sicily.

I recommend, the menu must be the following: sea appetizer (octopus, squid, shrimps); pasta with clams; roasted swordfish; cannolo.

White wine of Sicily, of course!

Now you know why villas in Taormina are a perfect deal for your vacation. Sicily is waiting for you, are you ready?