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All about Sicily

Sicilian writer Giovanni Vallone and the chef Silvana Recupero present:

The great book of Sicily

the most beautiful region in the world from an archaeological and naturalistic point of view (Unesco).

Sicily with the most illustrious guide “motorwriter” Giovanni Vallone and the chef: Silvana Recupero.

Are you ready to visit the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea?

Trip to Sicily: the great adventure begins.

And now, I can present to you the wonders of my land.

Actually, among the other things, I’m writing a TV project about the wonders of hinterland and archipelagos of Sicily and I really want to tell all about my land.

The known one and the less known one, that I’ve been exploring for twenty years.

The island has 6 UNESCO world heritage sites and other highest level sites.

Sicily, in fact, is the region with the greatest wealth of archaeological, naturalistic and artistic sites.

Follow me on this journey.

Welcome to Sicily and bear in mind: call me or write me for any information you need for your trip.

We’re here for that reason.

Sicilian people in Sicily.

Giovanni Vallone and Silvana Recupero