Palermo’s Street Food Tour: the Sicilian Casbah and the dwarf elephants

The capital of Sicily and a big cave

Palermo’s Street Food Tour: the Sicilian Casbah and the dwarf elephants

A great day: inside the heart of the ancient Palermo, Street Food, the real Sicily, and a magic cave!
During the morning we’ll walk in the historical center of Palermo, going into the narrow streets of the Mediterranean outdoor markets of Capo and Ballarò, a kingdom of colours, food, shouting sellers and… street food.

Palermo’s street food is one of the most renowned all over the world and to enjoy it inside a local market is a unique experience.

Panino con le panelle, meusa, frittole, stigghiola, caldume, sfincione… are ready to be eaten!

Not only food: Capo and Ballarò are full of churches, bizarre figures, odd tales…

Markets are the essence of a Mediterranean town: we’ll take you in the deep soul of them..

But surprises seem not finish in this tour: in fact, along the walk, the guide will take you inside the very heart of Palermo, a Casbah of streets, houses very close one to another, and people that recall the Arabic ages of the town (IX century).

You can live this experience only if led by a Palermitano.

Then, if we have enough time, we’ll also pass by the Cathedral and the Real Palace, masterpieces of the Norman epoch (XI century).

After a break for a good gelato or cannolo, offered by Mamma’s (of course!), we’ll visit (in the early afternoon) the Cave of Puntali, where were found fossils of the Sicilian dwarf Elephant (1.30 meters tall) and where we can still see the bones, fossilized in the ground.

At the entrance of this amazing cave you can admire a graffiti of prehistoric times.

Then, for the bravest, we’ll put the helmet exploring the very inside of the cave where many bats will fly above our heads!

Mamma mia!!!

This (like all MammaSicily tours) is a Taylor Made Tour: it is made exclusively for a single reservation and does not provide for the participation of other people. In short: if you book it, it will be just you. Exclusive!

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