1 KM in Palermo area

All 1KM properties are within easy walking distance to SEA, EATERY and LOCAL CENTER.

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1 KM in Palermo area

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Mamma Claudia Mamma Claudia

Mamma Claudia

Pool, by the sea

Mamma Claudia is a charming house located in Trappeto, just 600 meters away from the beach. The villa extends on two levels; you access a well-finished and...
Trappeto (PA) from € 1,620 /week
Villas with pool 8 3 3
Mamma Marilina Mamma Marilina

Mamma Marilina

Stylish, elegant, Mondello beach

Just a step away from the renowned sea village of Mondello, here it is our villa. The smell of the Mediterranean sea will always be with you during (and also...
Palermo (PA) from € 800 /week
Villas near the sea 4 2 2
Mamma Priscilla Mamma Priscilla

Mamma Priscilla

Pool, by the sea, comfortable

The villa extends over two levels and it is surrounded by a garden and by a wooden and tuff porch wrapped with jasmine and bouganvillae, a courtyard paved and...
Cinisi (PA) from € 1,125 /week
Villas with pool 5 2 3
Mamma Tiziana Mamma Tiziana

Mamma Tiziana

Pool, downtown

Villa in Mondello, the most renowned borough of the Sicilian capital (Palermo). The villa spreads on one level in which you can find a fully equipped kitchen,...
Palermo (PA) from € 1,500 /week
Villas with pool 8 4 3