Sicilian treasures

The inland in Trapani area

All the Sicily you are looking for

The inland in Trapani area

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Archaeological Sicily

The land of myth, between temples, theaters, castles and ancient baths...

The inland

The magic of the inland. The true Sicily! Within the soul of the Sicilian people

Greek Sicily

Discovering Sicily that once belonged to the Greek. Take a trip with Empedocles and Archimedes


The masterpieces not to miss out on if you come to the largest Mediterranean island


Discover the land of museums that display some of the greatest masterpieces in the world

Naturalistic Sicily

Did you know that Sicily is also the Italian region, with the greatest area dedicated to nature reserves. The fine kingdom of birds and not only...

Leisure time

Adventure parks, hiking, castles ... an amusing Sicily!

A journey in Sicily

Let's discover Sicily with the guide of the motowriter Giovanni Vallone