Apartments in Trapani area

We propose you only the most exclusive Sicilian apartments, accurately choosen by our Mamma’s  President, of course!

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Villas with pool

Pools and Sicily: prestigious holiday in exclusive Villas with pool

Last minute deals

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Amazing sea view properties

Enjoy the Mediterranean sea with a good bottle of Sicilian wine and a book. Enjoy the infinity.

Playground Villas: (not only) children welcome

Villas with nfiatables for the pool, soccer field, swings, ping pong table, water games ...

New entry villas

Fresh, clean, new, fully availables

The 10 Queens of the week

Pedro, Mamma's mascotte, gives you the ten most requested houses of this week (P.S. This list comes out each Sunday and provide the 10 properties most requested from: google Ad, 64 tour operator, 58 travel agencies, 42 websites, 35 web-magazines and 6 soc

By the sea

Accommodations within 5 kilometers from the sea

Luxury villas

Luxury villas on a budget

Taormina-Catania-Etna area

The most renowned area of Sicily: the most beautiful sea, nature and art


We propose refined and exclusive Sicilian apartmentsm accurately choosen by our staff.

1 Km properties

Properties within easy walking distance from both the SEA, the best EATERIES and the LOCAL CENTER

Mamma Drone

Properties seen from the sky

Scicli area

The town and the unique Sicilian landscapes famous for being set of the stories of the “Commisario Montalbano”

Big Kitchen villas

Villas with the best equipped Kitchen suggested by our chef Silvana Recupero