Mamma's Angels

As per bylaws, our duty is nursing you and let you fall in love with our land.
Mamma's Angels

Never Alone

Mamma's is the only organization in Sicily that gives the customers an exclusive benefit: a Sicilian angel that will take care of any wish you have!

He'll take you at the arrival, will bring you at your holiday home, and will support you all the time you spend in Sicily.

24 hours at your disposal, every day of your holiday. Just ask and this personal angel will solve everything.

Renato in Trapani area, the Touristic Office and Livio in Syracuse area, Sandra in Ragusa area, Luca in Catania area, Lino in Palermo area and the Diverisdea association in Agrigento area, will be your personal Sicilian angel's.

For a surprisless vacation.

A service that you can enjoy only through MammaSicily for, as per by-law, our aim is of "enhancing/highlighting the region of Sicily supporting its visitors". We care you!

Giovanni Vallone

President of MammaSicily, Cultural Department MammaSicily, TV and radio journalist and Sicilian motorwriter

Rosanna Sanfilippo

I deal with marketing, social networks, pictures and... that all looks good