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A life for Sicily

About us

Hello world, we are Sicilians, born and raised in the sun of this island, and who deeply love their land.

We are women, men and a dog: Pedro, a nice Sicilian bull!

This site is owned by Sicilian Mate, an advertising service company.

MammaSicily is the name given to a project witch aim is to enhance Sicily from a tourist and cultural point of view and with the collaboration of some of the most distinguished Sicilian scholars and organizations.

Sicilian Mate handles the tourist section dedicated to house renting and requires the information about Sicily from a strictly cultural point of view from Il Console Association.

The Association also handles the reception and the assistance of travelers, as per the Social Statute.

With the term MammaSicily, therefore, we refer to the collaboration between Sicilian Mate and Il Console Association. 




We are all Sicilians in Sicily

Sicilian scholars and Pro Loco (local tourist office): certified tourism!

All the information you will find on our website is the fruit of 30 years research of passion and studies of our land.

Sicilian personalities as the archaeologist Sebastiano Tusa, the thirteen times Nobel candidate Bruno Ficili, the writer Giovanni Vallone, museum directors (Pietro Piraino Papoff, Pietro Balistreri …), naturalists (Giuseppe Spina former Etna park director) and so on, all together gave and continuosly are giving contribute to the realization of the cultural pages of this website and often they give precious travel tips to our travellers.

Also, Mamma Sicily collaborates with several local tourist offices (Pro Loco) with which we assist you with all your holiday requirements and answer to any questions you may have.




MammaSicily: our mission

Il Console (MammaSicily) is an exclusive club of Sicilians that for over 30 years " ... has the aim of enhancing/highlighting, through appropriate initiatives the artistic heritage, the cultural resources, the resources of traditions, the culinary arts ... of the region of Sicily" (by-law, art 2).

The association is chaired by the motorwriter Giovanni Vallone and by his wife, the chef Silvana Recupero.

They devote their life on studying and promoting their beloved island, collaborating with television networks, newspapers, magazines and radio's worldwide: 24-7-365.

We ensure, as per by-laws, to welcome all travelers, and make sure they enjoy and have a safe and exclusive vacation.

We do not make a profit from our activities because we re-invest all our income to run and improve our services. We finance studies and explorations of the Sicilian territory. We improve our website - the richest source for information for all who want to visit Sicily. Sustained investments makes it possible to protect and promote the archaeological areas, the nature reserves, the cuisine and culture of Sicily.




MammaSicily: our services

Accommodation for rent: The properties published on this site have been entered by Sicilian Mate, a service company chaired by Giuseppe Recupero and appointed by the owners for their dissemination and promotion. The houses were chosen with the support of Giovanni Vallone and Silvana Recupero, the leader of Il Console Association, which personally guarantee the quality and efficiency of the houses.

Cuisine: the food ... to truly experience Sicily you must try the wonderful local cuisine! We, in our organization, have one of the most distinguished Sicilian chefs: Silvana Recupero....She will take you on a magnificent gastronomic journey! Buon appetito!

Museums, archeology, nature ....: on this page you will find all you need to know about Sicily. Hundreds of pages in which we have listed all the areas of interest in Sicily. This has been possible, thanks to the collaboration of all the members of MammaSicily: archeologists, scholars, writers, guides ... Enjoy!

Radio, books, televisions…: MammaSicily is the Sicilian kingdom of art and culture. Throughout the year we realize several radio and television productions, books and maps ... if you are an author, a producer or a publisher ... and have you been enchanted by Sicily? Contact Mamma!




Giovanni Vallone and Silvana Recupero: ours (yours) pillars

MammaSicily was born when two Sicilians, distinguished in their fields of culture and gastronomy, agreed to participate: the writer Giovanni Vallone (Rai, Mairdumont, Chin, Etna Park ...) and the chef Silvana Recupero.

The goal of Giovanni and Silvana is to always promote the rich and unique culture of Sicily: it's history, the places of interest and the cuisine.

Do not hesitate to contact them for any information you may need.

They will be happy to answer to all your questions:"Because it is our mission"

Contact Giovanni Vallone

Contact Silvana Recupero


A stress free Sicilian holiday with Mamma's members ready to welcome you.

For a perfect holiday.

Writers, chef, guides, mayors, scholars ... are the members of MammaSicily and they are always ready to welcome you and answer to all your questions.

All the accommodations, the museums and the travel tips are carefully checked and approved by the Board of Directors before being published on our website.

We do this because we are true Sicilians and we love Sicily! :-)





Sicilia: the most beautiful region in the world

Unesco has awarded Sicily with 6 world heritage sites:

Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South-Eastern Sicily)

Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)

Mount Etna

Archaeological Area of Agrigento (Valley of the Temples)

Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica

Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Amerina

This is a record for a region.

Sicily is also the Italian region, with the greatest area dedicated to nature reserves. It's protected oasis and nature reserves are really rich in flora and fauna

The famous coastline of the island consists in beautiful beaches and gulfs, crystal clear bays and stunning steep cliffs. Sicily is the largest Mediterranean Island and it's surrounded by the stunningly beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

A place you simply must see!





Our staff

The bitterness of interrupted sympathy", was according to Flaubert, the essence of a journey

Thanks to internet, this sympathy is never ending!

Our staff is at your complete disposal: click here to know them

Giovanni Vallone, President of Il Console Association, journalist and writer. Ask him for nature, archaeology, itinerary, museums …

Silvana Recupero, the chef of Sicily, one of the most prestigious world cuisine. Are you hungry ? Ask Silvana

Rosanna Sanfilippo, social, design, photography

Maria Motta, chief assistant

Giuseppe Recupero, general manager

Our Mamma’s Angels (that welcome the travellers): Renato Bica (Trapani), Lino Cuttonaro (Palermo), Luca Luparelli (Catania-Taormina), Livio Gradenigo (Siracusa), Sandra Zammitti (Ragusa), Adele Grungo (Messina)

For any general inquiry:




How to become a member of “The Console” Association

It is possible to become a member of the Cultural Association “Il Console” by paying an annual fee of €160, becoming an Ordinary Partner (the membership will automatically expire on expiration date).

It is also possible to support the association through an optional contribution and in this case become a Supporting Member.

It is possible to register directly through this site, forward your request to “Sicilian Mate”.

If you wish you may also, through “Sicilian Mate”, devolve part of the payment of your reservation as a membership fee, thus benefiting of the association's services.

Finally, you can request to the view the Association’s statute : just send an email to




Our venue

We are in Sicily, of course. Our venue is located in San Giovanni La Punta, province of Catania.


Giovanni Vallone and Silvana Recupero the leader of Il Console Association who takes care the travellers during their vacation
Giovanni Vallone and Silvana Recupero the leader of Il Console Association who takes care the travellers during their vacation
Pedro, a freakish Sicilian boulldog, mascotte of MammaSicily
Pedro, a freakish Sicilian boulldog, mascotte of MammaSicily
Rosanna and Maria
Rosanna and Maria
Pedro in San Vito Lo Capo
Pedro in San Vito Lo Capo
Cooking Class
Cooking Class
Luca and the chef Silvana
Luca and the chef Silvana
Giovanni Vallone during the shooting of a television program for Italian public netwotk (Rai)
Giovanni Vallone during the shooting of a television program for Italian public netwotk (Rai)
Wed with Mamma
Wed with Mamma