Thapsos ThapsosIn the north environs Syracuse one finds an extraordinary small peninsula full of Mediterranean charm. Thapsos is a very important prehistoric site (middle of the Bronze Age, 1500 BC) where, besides ruins of huts and various buildings, they found beautiful tholos tombs carved in rock clearly of a Micenean derivation. There is a breathtaking necropolis with the sea that couldn’t be closer.
ThapsosTowards the western part is the living district: formed by exciting (for visitors) circular huts (some are rectangular). These people clearly had extensive commercial sea trade. A particular type of pottery was developed in this area and its production bears the name Thapsos. The color is grey to brown with thin incisions.

Among these ruins one can also admire a tower of the 1500’s and the splendid sea that seems to envelop the visitor.

Curious, in this regard, the untouched nature and landscape of this place seems to be stuck at 3000 years ago in spite of its proximity to the sea and major population centers nearby.

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