Priolo's saline works (Natural Reserve)

Priolo's saline works (Natural Reserve)

Priolo's saline works (Natural Reserve)

morena-tabaccataWonderful naturalistic place alongside the archeological peninsula of Thapsos.

The main point of natural interest in this reserve is related to its role as a rest area, nesting and wintering ground for a large number of bird species.

Approximately 230 different species have been observed, of which 80% are migratory.

Among these species, the most common to cite are grey herons, egret, black-winged stilt, the greater flamingo, the moretta tabaccata (photo).




Inside the reserve we can also admire the Guglia di Marcello (photo), a roman monument of the I a.C.-I d.C. along the Via Pompeia, the road that lead Syracuse to Messina.

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