Looking for your Sicilian ancestors

Discover more about your Sicilian origins

Looking for your Sicilian ancestors

Are you searching for your Sicilian ancestors?


Trace back your Sicilian family roots…

On behalf of “Mamma Sicily” we welcome her children and take care of finding and meeting with there relatives

This is the great mission of the distinguished Sicilian Giovanni Vallone (Mamma’s President), well-known for his journeys around Sicily on his motor scooter as “the motorwriter”.

He has appeared extensively on International, Italian and Sicilian Radio and TV programs, sharing stories of people and places of Sicily.

He’s incredibly well connected in Sicily and can provide all types of access! You would benefit from his experience to trace back your ancestors in villages whose names you can’t even recall…

Somehow, Giovanni manages to piece the information together and bring you back to your ancestral villages.

Months and months of research, by the writer’s staff, searching for your ancestors!

Giovanni usually keeps in contact with the Major and the other Officials of the Municipality from which your ancestor may came from.

Also, Giovanni has collaborated in this “ancestors exploration” a group of historians, writers, scholars, intellectuals … that are in connection with the exclusive Sicilian club that Vallone heads up: MammaSicily-Il Console.

And all together we’ll manage to find anyone!!!

We’ll discover the house your ancestors lived in.

The ancestors “voyage of hope” …

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