Giovanni Vallone

Sicily and the Motorwriter

Giovanni Vallone

Giovanni Vallone, the motorwriter of Sicily, as the press calls him, was born in Palermo on 20th of September 1965.

He decided to devote his life to the study, exploration and dissemination of the human, archaeological and naturalistic heritage of the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. As he always says: “Sicily is the perfect bride, eternally faithful. Because Art never lets you down”.

In 2006, together with the chef Silvana Recupero (now his wife), she established the Association MammaSicily (or Il Console), a no-profit organization that has the aim, as per by law “ … to enhance the beauties of Sicily (art, culture, sea …) … to take care of the travelers … “

Plan a trip in Sicily under his auspices, means: visit Sicily.

Vallone, presently, is the President of the association


"The best thing you have to do, during your island's journey, is to have a picnic on the top of a least known archeological area, with the landscape of the hinterland, or of the sea as background, immersed in silences and thoughts ... Let me know what about it and I'll tell you where to go ...That's Sicily ! "


After graduating in Natural Sciences, he wrote:

  • Arance e Limoni (Bonanno, Acireale-Roma 2002)
  • I Castelli della Sicilia (Newton e Compton, Roma 2005)
  • Angelo e le Aquile (Cavallotto, Catania 2005)
  • I Palazzi storici della Sicilia (2007)
  • Guida dell'Etna (Sergio Flaccovio, 2010)
  • Il viaggio del motoscrittore (Dario Flaccovio, 2017)
  • A Sicilian along the Chattaoochee (2017)




He produced a voluminous work on behalf of the Tourism Department of Sicily Regional Government. Over 50 itineraries entitled "The Other Sicily” for the benefit of tourists from all over the world.
Such itineraries on foot, by bicycle, train, bus, motorcycle, are within the less known in Sicily.

Vallone updates the maps of Sicily for various publishers.

He attended several "Salons of the travel book" including, in 2006, the prestigious Turin one (with his book "Angelo e le Aquile").

Vallone was awarded the Gambrinus-Mazzotti the most important Italian literary prize, for his book "Guide to Etna"

Vallone is often best known for his works as a Sicilian ethno-anthropologist, a profession that he represents often at RaiRadioTre and other radio and television stations worldwide.

His characters interviewed all around Sicily are well-known by the radio listeners of all over the world.

For this activity, as popularizer of the human and immaterial heritage, Vallone has been repeatetly awarded with many prestigious prizes.

Together with the other members of MamammaSicily (archaeologists, naturalists, scholars …) he continuously study and explore his beloved island

Giovanni Vallone was the first person to be authorized by the Etna Park to ascend the crater of the volcano with a motorcycle for a broadcasting project.

Vallone has played a lot of television reportages and documentaries about Sicily.

Giovanni is continuosly invited to speak about Sicily.

Schools, clubs (Rotary most of all), libraries ... are fascinated by the tales of the motrowriter who usually play a movie of his Sicilian adventures during the meeting.

"This is the best way to preserve our beauties since often also Sicilians aren't aware of this heritage"


For MammaSicily has planned a very extraordinary tour: The Ancestor's experience. Vallone is well connected in Sicily and can provide all types of access that Americans would love in order to access their ancestors in villages whose names they can't even recall.


Presently Vallone, on behalf of the cultural laboratory of MammaSicily (with the help of all its distinguished members), the writer is focusing his activity on 3 fascinating Sicilian projects:

1 La curiosità del Satiro, an editorial series of old Sicilian texts re-printed for the prestigious library of the Association. A Mamma's jewel !

2 RadioMammaSicily: a web-radio, in English, that will be on-air on summer 2014 and in which are collaborating people from all over the world: scholars, travellers, Sicilians, not Sicilians ... (By the way, do not hesitate to contact us if you would partecipate !)

3 The restyling of this website in which the writer (and his wife, the chef Silvana Recupero) is going to put more than 30 years of his Sicilian studies and experiences. "Nature, archeology, food ... and many other topics will allow to be the reference point of all who like to know everything about Sicily", said Giovanni.