Antiquarium Selinunte

The treasure of Selinunte

Antiquarium Selinunte

Within the marvelous ruins of Selinunte is the homonymous Antiquarium, near the source of the Gaggera and the Temple M.
Selinunte was founded in 650 B.C. and was thus called (Selinùs, in Greek) because it was (and is) rich in "sèlinon", the wild parsley, which became a symbol of the coinage of the city.
The city had a short life (about 240 years).
During this period its population grew to reach 100,000 inhabitants.
Within this Antiquarium some collections are exhibited coming from the excavations in the various sacred areas of the area, accompanied by illustrative didactic apparatus and beautiful reconstructive models.  Here you can admire a rich collection of fictile figurines depicting the deities that were venerated in the sanctuaries and in general vases and various objects offered as votive offerings by the faithful.
Inside it is also possible to admire the massive foundations underlying the farm and probably related to a monumental fountain dating back to the VI century BC.
Much of Selinunte's material are at the museum Salinas in Palermo. 

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