Villasmundo Sant’Alfio (Natural Reserve)

Villasmundo Sant’Alfio (Natural Reserve)

Villasmundo Sant’Alfio (Natural Reserve)

villasmundo-sicilyThe territory is made up of two small, deep river valleys, separated by a small plateau. There is a system of caves that extends about 2.5 kilometers.

The Villasmundo Cave is the most developed, articulating itself for about 2 kilometers. The entrance to Alfio, located 60 meters further downstream, leads to an underground system, smaller than the other, with a total length of over 400 meters.

Along the bed of the Belluzza stream (photo) grows a forest associated with willow and oleander.



As to the epigean environment there are hedgehogs, (photo), porcupine, fox, weasel….

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