Antiquarium of Himera

The wonderful treasures of this area

Antiquarium of Himera

Antiquarium of Himera: Phiale
Antiquarium of Himera: Phiale

Inside the archaeological park of the homonymous and very famous colony siceliota (destroyed in 408 BC by the Carthaginians) is this very rich museum.
There are preserved the most remarkable finds found in the excavations of Himera and in other sites falling within the territory of the polis.
Of great value and beauty the Phiale d'oro, with engraved pine cones, a plate of the IV century BC
We also point out the evocative leonine head gutters that adorned the beautiful and underlying Temple of Victory.
Rich the moneyer.
The lower floor houses a vast collection of vases and outfits from the necropolis and two skeletons found embraced.
As well as from Himera the finds come from the surrounding area: Terravecchia di Cuti, Monte Riparato, Pregna Walls, Brucato, Cefalù and an exhibition of underwater finds. The visit ends with the polychrome mosaic, of African tradition, found in the Roman villa of Settefrati, located on a ridge overlooking the sea, west of Cefalù.

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