Antiquarium of Palikè

The treasure of Palikè

Antiquarium of Palikè

The cave and the museum (on the right)
The cave and the museum (on the right)

Housed in the eighteenth-century Interlandi masseria, in one of the most evocative places of the whole Sicily, the museum stand on the slopes of the homonymous archaeological area.
Among prickly pears in the rock, rock prehistoric tombs and a big and mysterious cave, here is this small Antiquarium of Palikè.
The first windows are dedicated to the most ancient phases of the occupation of the area, inhabited by some human groups since the Upper Paleolithic (30,000-10,000 BC).
The following showcases exhibit findings that testify the transformation of the area in front of the cave of Rocchicella in the sanctuary dedicated to the twins Palici, divinity among the most venerated by local populations.
Around the middle of the fifth century BC, probably thanks to the initiative of Ducezio king of the Siculi, the area will be monumentalized with the addition of a building for banquets (hestiaterion) and porch rooms (stoai).
With alternating phases, at least until the Roman age (III century AD), the area will continue to be used as a public sanctuary. The site will be visited until the Middle Ages, as evidenced by the findings on display in the last showcase of the hall.

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