Gurfa caves

A magic place. Who built it?

Gurfa caves

The Gurga cave

 37°44'55.48"N  13°45'14.08"E

Spectacular stone complex from whose date is unknown. There are some who think it is from the Neolithic period (5th millenium BC) who attribute it to the Phoenicians because of the discovery on the outer wall of the tholos, of two Phoenician inscriptions.

But it seems likely that this made maze of stone is the result of excavations from several different centuries.

They are divided on two floors (the floor plan will help you understand them better) and have six rooms, all carved in the hard red sandstone, an example of heroic work. This “absurdity” of labor leads to the belief that this was something extremely religious.


grotte della gurfa, Pianta

On the first level there are two rather unusual rooms: the first is a trapezoidal shape about 80 square meters and the second, oval, and connecting them a hall about 8 meters long.

The oval room is the center of everything ! Sized at approximately 12.85 x 13.30 meters, it is illuminated by an oculus above and a window to the southwest.

The solemnity of this room would captivate even the most atheist of atheists. What purpose did this room serve?

The upper floor, accessible only from the outside, has four rooms (including one very large room about 60 square meters) and the last, reached through a corridor 6.5 meters long opening to a large oval room (7.5 meters high off the floor).

Here and there are niches and recesses whose function is unknown.

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