Cammarata mountain

Cammarata mountain

Cammarata mountain

foxThe reserve is located between the provinces of Agrigento and Palermo.
The area is comprised of hills with limestone rocks from the Mesozoic era such as Mount Gemini (1350 meters), Serra della Moneta (1188 meters), Pizzo Rondine (1246 meters) and Mount Cammarata (1578 meters), this last, the tallest of the Sicani Mountains where there are impressive valleys, creeks and ravines.

In the reserve there are foxes, rabbits, hares (Lepus europaeus), weasels …


The summit is dominated by euforbia rigida (gopher spurge) and, on the rocks, the southern mountain ash (PHOTO) with examples that can reach up to 10 meters high. Noteworthy for its beauty are the oak woods surrounding the Santuario di S. Rosalia, consisting of holm oaks, ash and oak trees.



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