Monte Conca (Naturalistic Reserve)

Monte Conca (Naturalistic Reserve)

Monte Conca (Naturalistic Reserve)

Monte Conca (Riserva Naturalistica)
Monte Conca (Riserva Naturalistica)
Monte Conca (Naturalistic Reserve) Monte Conca

Monte Conca it’s a limestone plateau characterized by a geologycal formation of 5 millions of years ago.


It’s crossed by the river Gallo d’Oro.



Inghiottitoio, Monte Conca

In the reserve there are a lot of carsic caves. Among the others: the Inghiottitoio (photo), 520 lenght; the Risorgenza.

In the area there are also many old ruins of preistoric, roman, medieval ages.

The fauna is represented by hedgehog, porcupine, hare, rabbit, wild cats, kestrel, peregrine falcons and buzzards, marsh turtle…

And it’s also possible to observe many water birds such as herons, the knight of Italy, and moorhens. Not rare fossils of marine origin.
The slopes of Mount Conca are cultivated with cereals, almond, olive groves, vineyards and orchards.
You can also see plants of oaks, carob trees, ash and oak.

In the meadows in spring, bloom over twenty species of orchids.

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