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Archeology in Ragusa area

Phoenicians,Greeks, Romans, Arabs,  and more have passed through Sicily. In short feast your eyes on 3000 years of history

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Archeology in Ragusa area

Casasia mountain

Archeological mountain, at 730 meters above sea level, a center of the ancient Siculi people dating to (X a.C. ?) that today appears well covered by reforestation. On the slpoes of the mountain you...

Ispica canyon (Cava d'Ispica)

Typical Iblean mountain canyon, carved by millennia of erosion by the river Pernamazzoni in its upper parts and by Busaitone in the lower parts.    It is  one of the most picturesque...


Kamarina Near the African sea is where you find Kamarina, Siracusan colony of the 6th century BC.  It was a very important Siceliot city (Greeks of Sicily) founded by the Siracusani around 598 BC...


Kasmenai Greek city of Sicily (Syracuse colony founded in 644 BC) which is located in extraordinary landscape: that of Monte Casale, at 830 meters above sea level, in what was an age old volcanic...