Silvana Recupero

The Chef of Sicily

Silvana Recupero

Who she is

.....She is, of course, Sicilian (Catania, February 7 1960).

Black hairs, black eyes, and a cooking hearth !

Here it is the most distinguished Sicilian woman-chef !


She began her chef activities at the pub “I Munzignari”, an icon of the renowned night life of Catania.

Our chef, among other things, was also the owner of "I Munzignari", and she developed a new approach to the typical pub menu, making it, shall we say, a more clear reflection of the history and tradition of each dish.

In 2005 she started the movement to bring Finger Food to Sicily.

Because of Silvana, chefs now prepare these small gastronomic treats.

In 2006, together with the writer Giovanni Vallone (now her husband), she established the Association MammaSicily (or Il Console), a no-profit organization that has the aim, as per by law “ … to enhance the beauties of Sicily (art, culture, sea …) … to take care of the travelers … “ (be free to request our By Law if you’d like to know more about us).

MammaSicily is the biggest project of my life. We are putting all of our Sicilian experiences in it. It’s always a honor for us (over our Association purpose) to give the travelers information and food-tips about Sicily", she says about Mamma's.

Today, a crowning achievement of her work is the continual research she does
expanding the cooking laboratory of the Association MammaSicily (or Il Console).

She personally plans all the catering events: from logistics to the real cooking!

A curiosity: her kitchen staff is composed of women only !

Silvana is a chef as simple as she is creative.

Silvana is particularly active in teaching and carries out many different Cooking Classes at the headquarters in Sicily (Aci Bonaccorsi – Etna East).

Travellers love to attend this event, the most successful of Mamma's activities.

 “My favourite television program ? Maybe the recipe of the Arancini played for an American show  (You, me and Sicily)”

In November, 2013, Silvana recipe of a Carob's cake, broadcasted by Rai Italian RadioTelevision, had a big success and was awarded with many prizes.

Silvana has trained many chef to the Sicilian Cooking, helping them to the opening of restaurants (Zuzzu in Atlanta; Arricriati in Rome …)

Together with the writer Giovanni Vallone Silvana has planned an amazing Sicilian tour in which her staff and the writer spend the vacation with the travellers in an ancient monastery (or in a castle). Pasta and Temples tour, the most exclusive Sicilian gourmet (but not only gourmet) tour.


This is Zia Cettina: Silva9 (or Silvanina, in Italian). She is a homely woman that host you to her home to taste the real Sicilian home food.

Guaranteed by Silvana, of course !



More than the Godfather,

9I am the Godmother of Sicilian cooking
and I wear the "coppola" hat !


Silvana with her sous-chef: Ivana (sister in law) and Annamaria (sister)
Silvana with her sous-chef: Ivana (sister in law) and Annamaria (sister)