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Leisure time in Messina area

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Leisure time in Messina area

Alcantara gorges and river

The name of this river means “the bridge” (al qantarah, in Arabic) and it divides the province of Catania from that of Messina. The Alcantara, where in the past the Arabs tried to breed...

Argimusco and Malabotta forest

  A great and magic place. The best way to approach it is from Montalbano Elicona. Located between the Peloritani mountains and the Nebrodi mountains, the Malabotta wood (700 - 1300 m asl)...

Nebrodi mountain range: forest and road

It is a wonderful walk that wounds the Nebrodi to the heart. 70 kilometers of woods, lakes, landscapes, uncontaminated nature. This marvelous route can be divided into 3 main parts (each of which...