Isola Bella

Isola Bella

Isola Bella

isola-bellaThe stunning Isola Bella is a small island below Taormina.

It was a private property until 1990, when it was bought turned into a nature reserve.

There is a narrow path that often connects the island to the mainland beach. The island has a small and rather rocky beach which is a popular destination for sunbathers.

Isola Bella is linked to the mainland by a narrow and small isthmus (20 meters lenght).

All around the little islet there are many sea cavesfor the happiness of the divers.

It’s a popular destination for sunbathers.

The surface of the sea is rich of grasslands of Posidonia oceanica.



It is possible to see many migratory birds.

Also, in the backdrops were found many archaeological finds

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