Antiquarium di Monte Adranone

The treasure of Adranon

Antiquarium di Monte Adranone

Antiquarium of Adranon
Antiquarium of Adranon

Housed inside the archaeological area of the same name, it preserves the finds of the homonymous Greek-Punic site (IV-V century BC) of Monte Adranone, including a series of prestigious bronze belts (photos) that are immediately battles in mind hoplites, rude warriors ...

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  On the top of Mount Adranone, at 1000 meters above sea level, there are ruins of the Siceliota Adranon discovered by the Selinuntines of the 6th century BC, was then destroyed and rebuilt by...

Monte Genuardo

Il monte รจ un massiccio carbonatico formatosi per la lenta sovrapposizione di sedimenti fossili su fondali marini antichissimi risalenti al Trias superiore (per intenderci, al tempo dei dinosauri) e...


Entella Certainly a wonderful Sicilian archeological landscape experience. At the very least, it is impressive as the seat of an ancient people; the Elymians,that apparently were the survivors of...