House-museum of Antonino Uccello

Sicily of the past

House-museum of Antonino Uccello

Casa Museo Regionale Antonino Uccello
Casa Museo Regionale Antonino Uccello

Dedicated to the homonymous poet and anthropologist of Canicattini, this house-museum recreates the rooms of the iblea farm house.
On the ground floor there are the premises of the massaro, a man of trust of the landowner.
He was responsible for the administration of land, animals, custody of crops and relationships with tenants.
You can see collections of wooden spoons, Sicilian puppets, a beautiful antique frame ...
The bedroom of the massaro is perhaps the most particular of the museum, with its very old objects of daily use.
At the bedside are images of the patron saints, the palm and the blessed candle for the candelora, the muzzle-loading rifle last remedy against the ill-intentioned.

Above the bed is the cradle ("a naca a bbuolu") supported by ropes connected to the corners of the room.

At the side of the bed stands the granary of canopy, a sort of silos in which the family's grain was stored, a real wealth that could be translated into capital goods and money.
It follows the chest, already belonged to the old farmer who really lived in this house, containing part of the bride's stuff, the saddlebags, the bertoles etc.

Hanging from the wooden hangers are some clothes by the farmer such as the wide coat of orbace or the jug used in carnival parties, hats and caps, the woman's shawl and mantle and cape of the party.
On the opposite corner of the bed is the brazier ("a conca") to warm up in winter and to dry clothes.
On the wall are photos of the dead who protect, together with the saints, the house and its assets.

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