Forest of Rossomanno, Grottacura, Bellia

The sheeps of Apollo, the pupi dancers and a pic-nic area

Forest of Rossomanno, Grottacura, Bellia


These natural reserve place in Erei mountains, in the midland of the island between Enna and Piazza Armerina.

Oaks, pines and eucalyptus at above 800 m. a.s.l.





Pupi BalleriniIn the area there a re many other spots as the ruins of the ancient village of Rossomanno and the so named “pupi ballerini” (photo), huge rocks till 3 meters high that, accordin to the legend, represent petrified men !

The reserve is home to some mammals such as porcupines, hedgehogs, foxes, deer, wild boar … and here there are about 42 species of birds including the cuckoo, owl, hoopoe …



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