Disuer necropolis

Disuer necropolis

Disuer necropolis

Necropoli di Disueri
Necropoli di Disueri
Necropoli of Disueri Reperti di Disueri
The Necropoli of Disueri is a vast area of rock tombs from the Bronze Age (2000 BC). A very important area above the navigable River Gela, in wich there were a series of prehistoric villages, that had circular huts made of rock and who supported themselves with farming and agriculture.



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But the highlight of this area are the numerous tombs carved in the rocks.
The tombs that have been unearthed today are of typical cave forms and they are from about 2000 BC.

Still there are certainly many to explore.

The finds consist mostly of pottery in translucent red and metal objects such as buckles, swords and razors.

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