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Leisure time in Taormina-Etna area

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Leisure time in Taormina-Etna area

Argimusco and Malabotta forest

  A great and magic place. The best way to approach it is from Montalbano Elicona. Located between the Peloritani mountains and the Nebrodi mountains, the Malabotta wood (700 - 1300 m asl)...


This report was almost entirely realized taking inspiration from Giovanni Vallone's award-winning book "Guida dell'Etna"   The Queen of Sicily who with her 3330 m. represents...

Lava Museum - Butterflies' house

Nella stessa area ricadono questi due piccoli musei. Siamo attorno alle pendici di un vulcano spento, il monte Serra. Il museo della lava è un centro espositivo permanente sul vulcanesimo e sulle...

Nebrodi mountain range: forest and road

It is a wonderful walk that wounds the Nebrodi to the heart. 70 kilometers of woods, lakes, landscapes, uncontaminated nature. This marvelous route can be divided into 3 main parts (each of which...