Villas with pool in Trapani area

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Villas with pool in Trapani area

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Mamma Alessia Mamma Alessia

Mamma Alessia

Pool, sea

The villa, surrounded by a delightful garden, is the ideal place to spend relaxing moments  enjoying a wonderful sea view. The villa, that can accommodate...
Alcamo (TP) from € 1,650 /week
Villas with pool 5 3 2
Mamma Barbara Mamma Barbara

Mamma Barbara

Pool, tennis-court, sea view, fitness area

A well-kept lawn leads to the wide and bright living room providing a warm and elegant atmosphere; furniture and decorative objects highlight the story of...
Paceco (TP) from € 3,750 /week
Villas with pool 10 5 4
Mamma Benedetta Mamma Benedetta

Mamma Benedetta

Pool, countryside, real Sicily

This property is a restored ancient Sicilian farmhouse. It’s formed by two buildings: the main one, the “casa padronale” (the house of the...
Salemi (TP) from € 1,200 /week
Villas with pool 10 5 4
Mamma Camilla Mamma Camilla

Mamma Camilla

Pool, 2 km's from sea

The villa is surrounded by a lovely garden, characterized by the presence of almond trees and Mediterranean dwarf palms. You access inside the bright living...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 1,110 /week
Villas with pool 5 2 1
Mamma Cinzia Mamma Cinzia

Mamma Cinzia

Pool, lush park, close to the sea

The villa is structured on two levels, you enter inside from the large and bright living room that is divided into different zones: dining, relaxing, reading...
Castelvetrano (TP) from € 1,875 /week
Villas with pool 8 4 2
Mamma Clelia Mamma Clelia

Mamma Clelia

Pool, prestigious

Surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis,the villa has a large covered porch overlooking the pool and the surrounding garden.   The villa extends over...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 2,440 /week
Villas with pool 13 6 7
Mamma Donatella Mamma Donatella

Mamma Donatella

By the sea, pool, downtown

Exclusive villa just 10 meters away from the sea in the bay of Cornino and 100 meters from the main downtown. There is a big pool area just at the entrance,...
Custonaci (TP) from € 1,500 /week
Villas with pool 6 3 2
Home:105m2Garden:400m2Pool:6 x 12
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Mamma Elisa Mamma Elisa

Mamma Elisa

Luxury, downtown, sea view

Gorgeous villa, among the most beautiful in Sicily, overlooking the sea in the downtown of Cornino the marvelous village in the Gulf of Bonagia, determined by...
Trapani (TP) from € 3,800 /week
Villas with pool 8 4 5
Home:300m2Garden:500m2Pool:20 x 12
Mamma Gabriella Mamma Gabriella

Mamma Gabriella

Pool, sea view, lush park

The villa is a Mediterranean-style home, surrounded by a wonderful garden, characterized by typical Mediterranean ornamental plants and trees such as ancient...
Valderice (TP) from € 2,190 /week
Villas with pool 14 7 5
Mamma Giulia Mamma Giulia

Mamma Giulia

Pool, greenery, by the sea

New and elegant villa in the hamlet of Cornino, an oasis of peace and ... sea! The house has a stunning outdoor area where there is a large pool, a BBQ area,...
Trapani (TP) from € 900 /week
Villas with pool 4 3 2
Mamma Gloria Mamma Gloria

Mamma Gloria

Pool, gorgeous view of the gulf

The villa is located at the foot of Mount Teleffio that overtops the town of Castellammare del Golfo. Its privileged position offers to the guests a wonderful...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 1,940 /week
Villas with pool 12 5 3
Mamma Isabella Mamma Isabella

Mamma Isabella

Pool, by the sea, downtown

The villa is about 200 meters far from the sea, it extends over  two levels and you access inside from the living room, large and bright, with a masonry...
Custonaci (TP) from € 1,750 /week
Villas with pool 6 3 2
Mamma Lea Mamma Lea

Mamma Lea

Pool, by the sea, downtown

The villa is located in the gulf of Cornino a lovely place were the huge shape of Cofano natural reserve and the blue Mediterranean sea will always be in your...
Custonaci (TP) from € 1,200 /week
Villas with pool 5 3 2
Mamma Lorena Mamma Lorena

Mamma Lorena

Pool, comfortable, garden

Sunny and quiet, the villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden with two patios and a large sun terrace next to the pool. The house extends over two levels, you...
Buseto Palizzolo (TP) from € 1,140 /week
Villas with pool 8 4 2
Mamma Margherita Mamma Margherita

Mamma Margherita

Pool, by the sea, downtown

We are in the center of Cornino, 200 meters away the main square and the sandy beach. The villa is built with the typical stone of the place (marble of...
Trapani (TP) from € 1,200 /week
Villas with pool 6 3 3
Mamma Maria Chiara Mamma Maria Chiara

Mamma Maria Chiara

Pool, 3 km's from the sea

The villa is located on the slopes of the mountain that overhangs Castellammare del Golfo, with panoramic view of the Gulf. It consists of three...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 875 /week
Villas with pool 7 3 2
Mamma Olga Mamma Olga

Mamma Olga

Pool, relaxing, comfortable

Villa Mamma Olga is an elegant home situated in the countryside of Castellammare del Golfo. The property is mainly cultivated with olive trees, so creating a...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 2,650 /week
Villas with pool 10 4 3
Mamma Palmira Mamma Palmira

Mamma Palmira

Pool, jacuzzi, stylish

This property can accommodate six people; it extends over two levels but only the ground floor can be used by guests, while the first floor of the villa is...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 1,560 /week
Villas with pool 7 3 2
Mamma Patrizia Mamma Patrizia

Mamma Patrizia

Pool, sea view, lush garden

This lush villa stands on two levels where you can find: 2 double bedrooms (one with en-suite); 1 twins; 2 bathrooms; a spacious and bright living room facing...
Custonaci (TP) from € 1,200 /week
Villas with pool 6 3 2
Home:120m2Garden:300m2Pool:10 x 7
Mamma Raffaella Mamma Raffaella

Mamma Raffaella

Pool, by the sea, downtown

The house is spread over one floor and you access inside the spacious and bright living room looking out onto the porch. This porch allows guests to enjoy...
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) from € 1,500 /week
Villas with pool 10 4 3