A great panorama and some remains




Moneta Apollonia

On Mount San Fratello (or Mount Vecchio) at 718 meters above sea level, there are ruins that used to be Apollonia, a Sicieliot (or Greek) city destroyed by Agathocles in the 3rd century BC.


From the pottery findings and above all the coins (photo, the god Apollo) it seems possible to confirm the identification of the site as Apollonia, founded in the first half of the 4th century BC perhaps by Dionysius, Tyrant of Syracuse, as an outpost against the Carthaginians.

Cicero speaks of it as one of the cities that suffered the great looting of art works by Verres, a magistrate of Sicily with the passion of antiquities.

It was divided in two terrace areas with the very few ruins of the acropolis surrounded by a walls, that had a very large door, through which the town could admire the temple of Venus.

The panorama from here is really beautiful, made so by the sea, which if it wasn’t so far away, would seem to be right on top of you

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